Evolution of THE Vision

Vision of Unity and Peace – The Evolution

In Summary

Ehsan M. Khanaman is a fine artist who resides in Southern California. Of international heritage, Ehsan studied under great artists and teachers in many disciplines, always evoking serenity and peace. He welcomed the new millennium, 2000, with great hope and expectation that a greater, more permanent peace, might be found. As Ehsan continued his search for answers to the world’s history of violence, September 11, 2001, (9/11) occurred. It increased his sense of urgency to find an answer. WHY do they keep hating and fighting? As the days and year passed, Ehsan struggled to find meaning and a way to express his frustration at those with such violence in their souls and lives. He found himself envisioning the sameness among all, despite their visible and theoretical or ideological differences. He painted these visions, wherever and on whatever medium at his disposal. Despite painting, they did not resemble peace. There was no unity. Then, encasing them in black frames, the unity came, and peace followed.


In 2003, Ehsan embarked on a ten year “artistic journey” to create a ‘millennium’ collection. He imagined 2,000 art paintings together becoming a Vision of Unity and Peace.


Ehsan would create 2,000 original abstract paintings assembled with a purpose: to lay a path to peace, through unity! Using his artistic and other God-given talents, Ehsan designed the manifestation of these paintings into a half-acre testament of diversity, surrounded by unity, culminating in peace. (Learn more about the meaning of the 2,000 paintings and how they were derived.)


Once Unity was defined as the path to peace, Ehsan designed an image of peace in action. Using digital technology he created the image of the universe ‘at peace’ with the unconditional love of each heart beating in the middle. This image would serve as the reverse side of the ‘unity’ collection. It would be entitled ‘Vision of Peace’ and be sectioned into 2,000 pieces to back each of the unity abstracts.

Ehsan’s Vision

In total, 4,000 images comprise the Vision of Unity and Peace.
Each image is 40“ x 40”, displayed in groups of 2,000.
There are to be 50 rows, each with 40 paintings.
Each Vision is  166’ tall and 133’ wide—spans one-half acre or the side of a 12-story building.
I – UNITY reverses to II – PEACE
In 2013, Ehsan’s focus was to complete the remaining paintings and begin the release of images.

Ehsan paints to advance Love, Charity, Unity and Peace.

Mission Statement

To be a global and continual, visible symbol that UNITY is attainable, regardless the chaos within.
And, to impress upon that unity, peace can be imprinted.
To showcase ‘Vision of Unity and Peace’ to obtain and share acts of humanity and unity, unconditional love and caring to all.
To pursue  every avenue to amass and distribute needed goods and services to raise human wellness and dignity, worldwide.
Ehsan will dedicate one-half of his gross profits from all image sales to internationally approved charities* whose focus is on food, shelter, health, education and general well-being of humanity.

Specific Goals

  • Present the ‘Vision of Unity and Peace’ to all humanity.
  • Allow each person to see themselves within the abstracts.
  • Allow them to recognize ways they can participate in universal efforts of unity.
  • Showcase the ‘Vision of Unity and Peace’ in All areas of state and international affairs.
  • Offer the ‘Vision of Unity and Peace’ to sponsor collaborative projects and events celebrating Arts, Science, Charity and Humanitarian efforts.
  • Promote the sale and sharing of the message through these images and associated items and events to amass worldwide charitable, and image, gifting.

A  First ‘Act’ of UNITY
Every person should possess an image representing ‘The Vision of Unity and Peace’.

As Ehsan finalizes the Vision of Unity and Peace, and each flag is completed, it will signal the beginning of charity to that country.

*In time, the documentary series, Vision of Unity and Peace, Evolution, will commence. Its first installment is intended to occur at the famed Rancho Las Lomas, Silverado, CA. Ehsan will commence release of the first forty visions (row 1 of 50) to an invited audience of art collectors and professionals. To express interest in sponsoring or participating in this, and the subsequent monthly filmings and presentations, click here.