The Documentaries

From the beginning of his Vision of Unity and Peace, Ehsan created daily journals.  His ups and downs, fears and triumphs were kept in handwritten journals, later scanned and preserved for posterity.

Aligning Ehsan’s visions, with his journals, a journey through his life’s thoughts, mental state and corresponding paintings will emerge.

Never before presented, the fragile, original Visions will be released in groups of 10’s (Master Vision plus 9 sub-visions) scheduled over a period of coming years.  Each release ‘event’ will be a held in a venue of import and significance to humanity and unity in the world.  Its guests will enjoy the ambiance of the venue and will observe Ehsan in the various settings, as he presents that part of his journey toward the Vision of Unity and Peace.   There will be multiple events; held roughly every two months,  in full-day settings, replete with film crew,  to record for a final compilation of all Visions in video format.    Locations will also be allocated for personal or business ‘spots’ and interviews with Ehsan.

As each event concludes, the Visions within that presentation will be prepared for release to fund the next event and Ehsan’s continuation toward completion.    Expected releases will be:  Editions, both limited and Open; Leather-bound pocket-books of the visions; assorted collectables and promotional materials to expand the message into the world.

2018 is anticipated to host the first documentary in Orange County, California.

Those interested in participating, in creation or attendance, in the Documentaries, please SIGNUP HERE.