The Art: VOUP

Ehsan was deeply moved when he recognized the tragedy of human history. From the beginning of time, there has been violence, poverty, wars and mass destruction. And still, little has changed.

For two years, after September 11, 2001, Ehsan was tormented by visual nightmares. They continued throughout the days. One night, the visions of darkness were replaced by a vivid dream for him to become a “Seeker of Peace”. His new journey was ready to start.

Seeking Peace? So many roads appeared. He eliminated the roads to WHY, and focused on the roads to HOW. Is there a road to achieve world peace? Yes. He saw it. Unity, Love, Charity spread around the globe to serve, give, feed, shelter and teach wellness will bring a unity in purpose; the care of each other. With that unity and in that harmony, the foundation for peace is laid.

Now, he could begin to express his message through his art. He would create a series of 2000 abstract paintings, symbolizing the millennium. Together they would demonstrate a vision of Unity and Peace.



His vision was  now clear and purpose driven. He created a sequential number system for the work. Titled them as Vision and numbered each painting, then hung them on the walls of his room. As the visions evolved, he expanded into other rooms in the home, until the entire home was filled with Ehsan’s “Vision of Unity and Peace”. They served as a “symbol of all living people and civilizations around the world”.



Ehsan painted continuously. Each vision held a story of a human being experiencing life. Each vision depicted the ups and down, joy and sadness, love and hate, but seeking  answers, meaning, hope, survival and peace.


Early visions were  painted on water color papers with mixed medium; a combination of pencils, charcoals, color pencils, water colors, and the later visions with acrylics.

In the beginning, there were 168 ‘master’ visions, each with the nine symbolic ‘months’ or components. The common theme for the visions? Abstract face(s) looking in different directions, wandering and searching for answers.

FOLLOW with 2,000.

Didn’t know how/what…

The first 110 master visions were painted on 8”x11” paper; the remainder, on 18”x24”.



Each vision was painted as an abstract portraits in the Cubism style; faces looking through a rainbow.  Ehsan was drawn toward lines, shapes, and cheerful, vivid colors that evoke images of flowers and fruits, waiting to bloom and ripen. He recognized these as metaphors for the inner person seeking to be seen, in all humanity.



There are 168 Visions. The Visions are numbered from -2 up to 165.

The painting of visions evolved into numeric combinations in accordance with the ancient symbolic numerology called Abjad.

One. (Unity) is the foundation of existence. The laws of unity create harmony, balance, health, and abundance in the natural world, of which we are one part. One. One heart, one mind, one nose, one mouth. One sun. One Earth.

Two. Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet. Two universal symbols of peace. Two sides of a canvas. Two thousand paintings. The second millennium.

Seven. Seven colors in the spectrum of a rainbow.

Nine. Nine months for a baby to be born. Nine perspectives recreating every vision.

Each vision was broken into 9 elements, symbolizing the months in creating a child.


Meaning each Vision has 9 sub-visions 

*Vision 42 only has two sub-visions.

That makes it Total of 1,673 paintings titled as Vision.



Here are a few Vision examples, with its 9 sub-visions:



Most visions have white borders with black lines, symbolizing life being. (dead or alive) Inside the borders, gray lines separate the bright colorful shapes, symbolizing life’s gray and ambiguous areas.

Abstract eyes and lips are the dominate theme in most of the paintings.


Love is all present, all caring, omnipotent and right. Love is active.



Final visions conclude:

The Human race is like limbs to each other, united by and in, one.

Vision 163 series


In our diversity we have extraordinary potential and talent. In our humanity we have infinite intelligence and love.

Vision 162 series 

The last Vision concludes – after searching for peace every place possible,

the only place that truly brings peace is through the heart.

 Meaning we find it only comes when we learn to live together in unity and join our hearts in unconditional love for each other.

Vision 165 series


New visions continued, each revealing the complexity, yet similarity of each human being. Despite external attempts to break it down, humanity continues to be defined for its heart, mind, soul and capacity for unconditional love



The 2,000 visions and paintings were brought together by unity:  

40”x40” black custom frames for each Vision.


VoUaP Presentation-22 




Below will give you a demonstration of how they all came together. It started with the 1673 paintings titled as Visions. Then he started to add more paintings which came up to total of 2000 paintings.

 VU with no dove


The flag of each country was framed in black and added to the visions. They were placed in a circle of unity with the ancient peace sign.

Atop the custom frames was affixed a large white dove with an olive branch on its peak as symbol of peace.





This image, of 2,000 paintings, portrays Unity, in action, as the road to peace.

Each painting has artwork on the back side as well because the entire message did not fit on one side.

VP for Website demot


To depict Peace in action a digital image was created, equally the same size as the 2,000 abstracts, and applied as the reverse side. That image was broken into 2,000 images, corresponding to the ‘reverse’, resulting in a front and back for each numbered vision painting.


72dpi description-of-VoUaP



The “Vision of Unity” includes 14 paintings depicting our mission, one eye, 1,673 representations of 168 visions, and 272 national or territorial flags.

Each country flag has its country map embedded. Click on the flag to see the details. 

All of which, when placed in their custom black and white frames and positioned in the final piece, create the traditional peace sign and a white dove. The remaining 40 paintings make up the olive branch held by the dove. The numbering system that titles the two thousand paintings reflects the metaphorical significance and spiritual energy of each vision.


The “Vision of Peace,” produced through digital art, depicts the harmonious nature of the sun, earth, moon, and solar system, each being true its nature. It calls on us to act in accordance with our true identity. Our capacity for unconditional, infinite love is illustrated by the positioning of an infinity sign at the center of the finished piece and in the center of the heart embracing the Earth.

100 dpi VP Final 2016

Just as each two-sided painting is necessary to creating the “vision of unity and peace,” every human being plays an integral role in achieving peace on Earth.