Point of View

Frustrated with the lack of progress, due to financial and other issues, in 2013 Ehsan embarked on two efforts:  First, placement of his art in a prestigious gallery, to prove to him self and family whether or not his art had value and Second, to refocus his efforts to accomplish his Vision of Unity and Peace.   He embarked upon a new set of artwork, later entitled Point of View, to stand singularly, boldly and proudly showing his art and his heart.  The work, heavily textured acrylics with bright, bold and vivid, primarily facial,  abstracts resulted in a playful, uplifting collection of exquisite distinction.

With support, Ehsan submitted and was accepted to display the new works at Artist Eye Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, beginning June 1st, 2013.  This acceptance, with the requirements a larger studio, (not his parent’s garage),  for framing, collateral materials, additional paintings to complete a wall, and more, turned into a hearty diversion from Vision of Unity and Peace.    Three paintings were sold within 3 months, his ‘value’ was verified, though not maximized, and he remained throughout 2013.  Little benefit to Vision of Unity and Peace was achieved, but Ehsan’s confidence was bolstered, and that was a needed element to his long-term Vision.

With his long-time supporter and guide, Sharon Girulat, functioning as overseer of the Ehsan and the Vision’s forward path, in purpose and in business, a core team was acquired.   With that team identified, a studio was secured wherein a custom photo studio would be housed to allow for capture of the eventual two-thousand paintings within the Vision of Unity and Peace. In addition, the facility included a painting studio, where Ehsan could continue to create his ‘current’ Point of View works, and a small gallery-potential space for later display and current work-space.   Due to extensive unknown requirements for proceeding to capture, record, and accommodate the disparate visions, 2014 found Ehsan continuing efforts on Point of View to keep his mind and heart free.    The impasse in Vision of Unity and Peace found him with all 1,673 visions complete, awaiting capture; 8 of the 14 missions complete; yet the entire process for the branch and flags yet to be designed and defined.    Point of View grew to fill these delays and voids.

Purchase of Point of View, originals and limited editions, can be arranged by contacting Ehsan.