Point of View

n 2013, Ehsan embarked upon a new set of artwork, later entitled Point of View, to stand singularly, boldly and proudly showing his art and his heart.  The work, heavily textured acrylics with bright, bold and vivid, primarily facial,  abstracts resulted in a playful, uplifting collection of exquisite distinction.

Ehsan submitted and was accepted to display his new works at Artist Eye Gallery, Laguna Beach, California, beginning June 1st, 2013.  An interim studio, followed by a larger one to incorporate image capture, painting and gallery area, were required for the increased number of large gallery paintings and the process to preserve them.   Three paintings were sold within 3 months, and Point of View became a staple in Ehsan’s works.

Point of View, originals and limited editions, viewing and purchase, can be arranged by contacting Ehsan.