Painting for Charity

In the fall of 2015, there was a lull in progress on Vision of Unity and Peace, much due to technical concerns and issues related to the branch plus finances to retain the studio and continue capture of the Visions.   During that lull, Ehsan was frustrated and sought refocus.    He had worked with charities throughout the year, such as Cause for Celebration, to help children in missions enjoy their birthdays;  and downtown LA and other missions,  serving.

Combining the long-range objectives of donating half of his gross-profit to charities, with his unfulfilled purposes to paint, a new collection, Painting for Charity emerged.   The taxonomies to which future BenefitAll  support will be dedicated will now be the recipient of special paintings by Ehsan, for purposes of auction or proceeds from reproductions or other use.  In addition, Ehsan stands ready to create such paintings for them, as requested and available.       Those taxonomies are in food, housing, health, education and crisis intervention.  (For a detailed list of the taxonomies CLICK HERE.)

It is important to note that, in general, Ehsan’s painting for a taxonomy will coincide with an event or cause for the taxonomy which will include numerous vetted charities.  In Unity, the goal is to increase support to those performing well in their arena and encourage them to share best practices, resources and more.

For the October, 2017, Beverly Hills Art Show, Ehsan painted PFC 10 – with the original being auctioned at the event and proceeds dedicated to the Art & Therapy program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.  Proceeds from reproductions or derivative products will benefit other vetted children’s hospitals.     The administration of these programs is not yet in place.  Questions or participation in same may be directed to BenefitAll.