Limited Commissioned Artwork

October, 2016, Ehsan will accept requests for commissioned works to offset income from his part-time job and support rising expenses.    Works will be in his signature visionary-abstract style,  heavy acrylic textures and bold colors and in keeping with his painting to advance charity, unity and peace to a world in need.   Landscapes, portraits or model-derived works will not be considered.  Selection will be based on specifications and include subject,  suitability, effort, impact on existing schedule and priority of efforts at hand.   Minimum engagement, $2,000 for an 18″ x 24″ canvas or alternative substrate.  Murals or paintings considered.    Copyright and archival image retained by Ehsan.  Museum-quality image provided for insurance purposes.

In addition, a limited number of originals, from the Point-of-View Collection, are available for your consideration.

For further details,   949-613-5043