Beverly Hills Art Show – October 21-22 , 2017

Ehsan emerges from his studio seclusion which started in 2013.    Finally, with Visions and Missions in Unity ‘canned’; Flags designed and the sixty-four paintings in the branch started, he is ready to meet the world and show his art and heart.  (Art & Heart)

Ehsan applied and was honored to be accepted to the 45-year running Beverly Hills Art Show.   In preparation for the event, Ehsan and his team have been busy preparing an exciting and fitting Booth  INSERT PIC and ensuring all paintings are ‘ready’ (copyrights, insurance, collector system and more.)   In addition, Ehsan is honoring the on-going commitment to BenefitAll through charity participation.    He toured and later created a painting dedicated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles (CHLA).  It will be offered as a silent auction with all proceeds going to CHLA for their Arts & Therapy program, headed by Alexandra Fields.

In Addition, a special REVEAL of Mission 10 will occur at the event….  UNITY IN ACTION , a call to Unify in times of global chaos.   The Mission, created in 2014, was intended to await release of Vision of Unity and Peace components.  Many admirers had called for, but were denied, display of it immediately due to its Bold and Powerful cry!    Now, the time is such, it cannot wait….   and we hope you won’t either.
Come, Join us at Booth # 407 at the Beverly Hills Art Show.   

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