In 2007, BenefitAll was designed as a motivational program for financial market traders by the non-profit Colleagues in Trading.    With the understanding that sustaining an effort is best achieved with a purpose, bigger than oneself, BenefitAll became ‘every man’s’ ability to care and share resources with others.. and recognize the humanity across all.  It recognized that one could practice charity in all walks and ways of life, recognizing and acknowledging needs and resoures.

Ehsan was introduced to the BenefitAll concept and adopted it as the vehicle to enact his VIsion of Unity and Peace, with its intention to make a difference in the world.   Stemming from an ability to factually vet all charities and the recognition that money need not be the only resource needed, Ehsan committed the program, to be later incorporated into a foundation, would be his repository for sharing proceeds from Vision of Unity and Peace.

Today, though no profits have stemmed from Ehsan’s work, he has devoted countless hours in service and in paintings to vetted charities.  Notably, he participates in the annual Christmas Trees of Hope program; has sponsored Orange County’s participation in Cause for Celebration;  has created and donated paintings and service to Kinship Center, has volunteered in service programs in Los Angeles Rescue Mission; has painted for Human Trafficking and Initiated the Painting for Charity collection.   All of these and the efforts to include charity aspects in every effort,  even prior to profits,  are Ehsan’s way of showing his commitment to the spirit, intent and future creation of the BenefitAll Foundation.

In 2014, Ehsan painted Mission 11, based on BenefitAll to cement it in his Vision.




History and activities of the BenefitAll program, under the auspices of SG & Associates, can be found here.