Behind the Art

Ehsan is the artist.   Visions are his specialty.   Amassing two-thousand paintings, together, into his Vision of Unity and Peace is beyond art; it is a production.   To that end, a team of professionals has joined Ehsan to ensure its safety, security, reproduction, completion, ‘erection’ and ability to sustain through the centuries.    Following the standards as expressed in the international standards of the U. K.’s Spectrum Museum Standards, as embodied in the Collector Systems, all appropriate facets of documentation and preparation are being implemented to prepare the work for its longevity.    Though these processes create inherent initial delays, their use allows for smoother future efforts to achieve the vision.

Efforts to obtain a roadmap for the efforts in achieving Ehsan’s Vision of Unity and Peace, fell short.   Many examples of individual or ‘moderate’ sized collections were gathered.   Examples of a growing production of two-thousand component fine-art pieces, individually painted, available, in special order and placement within a layered graphic grid, were not accessible.   The photographic, printing, technology and physical components created challenges, met head-on by a seasoned team of unique professionals, on an as-needed basis.

Many of the required efforts continue and will welcome like-minded and exemplary participants.